An area of general community interest outside the legal and official aspects of Town business.

2014 Town Report Distributed

The Town Report for fiscal year ending December 31 2104 has been printed and can be picked up at the Post Office, Library and Town Hall.  The report is also available for download from the [...]

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Well Testing Recommendations

NEW HAMPSHIRE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES RECOMMENDS THAT ALL PRIVATE WELLS BE TESTED Private wells in New Hampshire are not regulated as water supplies, and are often not tested for health-related contaminants such as arsenic, [...]

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Local Businesses

Harrisville's Town policies and ordinances support living and working in Harrisville.  Both Home Occupations (Zoning Ordinance 4.1.18) and Home-Based Businesses (Zoning Ordinance 4.1.19) are permissible uses of residential property. Agricultural uses are pursued throughout the [...]

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